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The Bedbug

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The Bedbug
Written by Vladimir Mayakovsky
Translated by Guy Daniels
Directed by Elizabeth Ruelas

The Bedbug is a biting romp through the Soviet bourgeoisie complete with philistines, party fat cats and profiteers. Visiting artist Elizabeth Ruelas, co-founder of New Renaissance Theatre Company, directs this reading as part of our acclaimed Season of Russia, December 18th and 19th.

Vladimir Mayakovsky's 1928 play, vicious in its mockery of early Communist society, tells the story of Ivan Prisypkin, a former worker who wants to marry into the bourgeoisie and live a life of decadence. But a tragic accident at his wedding leaves him frozen in a block of ice. We find ourselves 50 years in the future where passion, vices, and even love are ancient history. A defrosted Prisypkin becomes a sideshow attraction for having all three.

This is a beautiful political satire that holds a funhouse mirror up to nature and connects with us all, says Ruelas. In the end, we find out what really separates mankind from a bedbug. This season, on this 100th anniversary of the Russian revolution, the company has begun a conversation sometimes intense, often raucous, always enlightening -- with our audiences. To explore what we've learned over the past century, we've developed a speaker series to accompany our shows and examine issues such as genocide, propaganda and other thorny, but vital and timely topics.

Following the December 18th performance of Bedbug, Dr. Eliot Borenstein, head of the Russia department at New York University will join the conversation; Dr. Yakov Klots of Hunter College will speak on December 19th. Monday, December 18th &
Tuesday, December 19th
Curtain time 7:30pm
Tickets $20