Medicine Show Theatre Company presents

The Rajah's Son & Princess Labam

Location: 549 W. 52nd St., 3rd Fl, (between 10th & 11th Aves.)
Phone: 212 262-4216
Tickets: $10, Seniors and students $7
Reservations: 212 262-4216 or email:

The Rajah's Son & Princess Labam is an original Indian fairytale musical written by Nishi Rajan. Loosely based on an old Indian folktale called the How the Rajah's Son Won the Princess Labam, the story takes place in Ancient India but it is modern and diverges very much from the original. The musical brings to life Hindu Gods, and ancient Rajahs and Ranis. There are scenes of seduction (implied sex, no nudity) and violence which may be inappropriate for younger audiences.

Entirely in English and with just a glimpse of the music, the play is being showcased as part of Medice Show Theatre's 2012 Jump Start series -- "anything that can be done with a script in hand" -- and is made possible by grants from the Dramatists Guild Fund and is hoped to be produced in the Fall with proper funding for set design, costumes and music. A copy of the script is available for review by interested director and producers.

Featuring Anna Bredikina, Christin Cato, Roy Flores, Anupama Karumanchi, Richard Keyser, Stass Klassen, Joyce Laoagan, Roni Mazumdar, Vicki Oceguera , Purvi Parmar, Nishi Rajan, Art Shrian, Jyoti Singh and Preet Singh.

Performances are this Sunday, July 29th at 5pm and Tuesday, July 31st. Tickets are $7, and reservations can be made by calling the theatre directly at (212) 262-4216